Billie Lindquist   Equine Manager/Instructor

SydMor Stables & Equestrian Facility are proud to announce our new Equine Manager, Billie Lindquist. She comes to us with an impressive background and dual degree in Equestrian Management & Equine Management from Wilson College. She is trained in Facility/Event management & Equine Care/Emergencies. Her extensive riding history includes Western, Hunt seat, Dressage, and Eventing. She is a current C-3, H/B with United States Pony Club.
Billie will be responsible for daily stall care, feeding & turnout of horses and overall facility management. She will also be a certified instructor in our lesson program. We are fortunate to have her at our stables and welcome her to the SydMor family.

Hanna Kubincanek  Trainer/Instructor

Hannah  is an 18 year old originally from Wellsburg, West Virginia, but now resides in Washington, PA. After bringing two horses owned by a previous trainer from their first few rides through novice level eventing, Hannah recently purchased her first horse of her own, a 6 year old Off the Track Thoroughbred by the name of My Aly Rae, and moved her to Sydmor Stables in the fall of 2016. In the coming year, Hannah will be graduating from Trinity High School and attending Washington & Jefferson College to earn a bachelors in accounting. While in college, she intends to keep an active schedule at Sydmor.

Hannah began riding at 7 years old at Peace Point Equestrian Center, 11 years ago. She has been a very active pony clubber in the time she spent at Peace Point, participating in their Pony Club.

Hannah had passed her D1, D2 and D3 all before she turned 14. Her strengths in these ratings were shown by exceeding through the horse management levels and she further prides herself on the extensive knowledge that she has obtained through her time in Pony Club.

Hannah went on through Pony Club to pass her C1 and C2 at the age of 14, her HB at 15, and is currently rated at the C3, which she obtained at 16.

Hannah has been able to work with many experienced coaches in her riding career. She has attended pony club camps and upper level clinics throughout her several years with Peace Point. While the clinics included instruction in the saddle, she also believes she absorbed the horse management knowledge of some of the most highly regarded horsemen and woman in the industry, which she is eager to pass along through instruction to both horse and rider.

Hannah has been privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with many young horses. Hannah has been able to bring two inexperienced horses up through the levels to be competitive at Novice Level in eventing, and has further prepared these two horses to move up to the Training Level. She enjoys seeing the progress in each of the horses she is given the opportunity to work with, and the students she is given the opportunity to train.

Hannah has primarily ridden English her entire life. Her main concentration has been in the eventing discipline, however, she has experience training and competing in several different english disciplines. Through Pony Club, she has competed in the Jumpers and Dressage. Aside from Pony Club, she was also a member of the Peace Point IEA team, where she qualified for Regionals in 2013. Hannah is looking to continue her personal career in three day eventing, but also is very interested in keeping her riding style diverse by trying her hand at other English Disciplines. 

In the rated United States Dressage Federation, Hannah has competed through Training Level. In Pony Club, her C3 trained her in first level movements.

For The United States Eventing Association, she has competed through the novice level, and schooled the training level movements.

In eventing, Hannah has competed through the novice level (2'11). She was regularly schooling training level (3'3) on her previous mount to prepare to move up before buying her current horse. She looks forward to bringing her thoroughbred up to where she was, and continuing on to the upper levels. In the jumpers, Hannah has competed in classes up to 3'.

In the next several years, Hannah aims to continue training her young horse. Additionally, she is very excited to have been given the opportunity to work with many new riders and horses. She hopes to allow the clients she works for to receive and experience all the incredible things that the horse world has to offer. Hannah is also thrilled to pass on her horse management and riding knowledge to all types of riders. In 2017, she plans on beginning her training program at Sydmor, and to begin competing Aly.

Hannah is open to coaching all types of riders and horses. She has been trained and certified in her ability to give beginners a good basis, confidence, and instruction on how to build them up in the correct manor. Pony Club has given her the knowledge and experience needed to show both riders and horses the right path to success, both in the show ring and out.